What tool, wellness practice, or resource has been essential to your mental health and well-being during the pandemic? 

How are heatlh care leaders "normalizing conversations" about supporting the mental health of our health work force?  

We are so grateful that the House Energy and Commerce Committee is voting on the Lorna Breen Act on 11/17/21! One more critical step forward in supporitng the well-being of our healthcare workforce.


Next step: full passage in the House of this critical legislation!

As an ally to the healthcare community, what can I do to help support clinician well being? 


Checking in with the clinicians in your life to let them know you're there and help them feel cared for and connected can go a long way... 

So excited to hear Corey's news that the Health subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously passed the Lorna Breen Act today!


Really exciting news!   

Such an important, critical initiative!

This is a great initiative! 

This is so cool!