How will ALL IN accomplish its mission to support and protect the well-being of the healthcare workforce?

We will employ the following 6 strategies to promote a cultural transformation toward systemic accountability that prioritizes individual healthcare worker well-being:

  • Convene and unite experts that are advancing healthcare workforce well-being solutions
  • Accelerate a culture shift that prioritizes healthcare workforce well-being and creates systems of accountability 
  • Amplify and recognize role models within healthcare leadership who have prioritized healthcare workforce well-being and mental health through inspirational storytelling
  • Provide financial resources to healthcare organizations to implement clinician well-being solutions and/or further scale promising practices
  • Share data among healthcare leaders to drive transparency, collaboration and effective strategies on well-being and resilience
  • Advocate for public policy solutions that address systemic needs to improve well-being and mental health for our nation’s health workforce

What are the benefits of joining ALL IN Campaign?

  • Curated resources on organizational resilience and well-being for the healthcare workforce, categorized by organizational needs and interests
  • Interactive community platform to exchange information, foster collaboration, and spark new ideas
  • Convenings and webinars featuring experts and leaders on well-being solutions for the healthcare workforce
  • Eligibility to participate in grant funding to implement and scale organizational well-being programs through the ALL IN Fund
  • No cost to participate

What is the role of the organizations and individuals in ALL IN Campaign?

The ALL IN Campaign is organized in four major tiers: (1) Tier 1: LEAD, (2) Tier 2: SHARE , (3) Tier 3: LEARN AND IMPLEMENT, and (4) Financial Support.

Tier 1 Collaborators: LEAD 

  • Professional Associations and organizations on the forefront of advancing healthcare workforce well-being as a priority across the healthcare industry
  • Advise on the vision and priorities of ALL IN, the structure and distribution of the ALL IN Fund
  • Provides insight and expertise on promising practices for inclusion in campaign toolkits, playbooks and events

Tier 2 Contributors: SHARE

  • Includes healthcare organizations, practitioners, vendors, and consultants who bring promising and scalable solutions that aim to improve healthcare worker well-being and resilience
  • Contribute ideas to a “resiliency marketplace” in which members share promising practices, playbooks, and resources that help to advance healthcare worker well-being and resilience
  • Leverage technical expertise and network to lead specific workstreams, convenings and ALL IN deliverables


  • Includes individuals advocating for and amplifying our call to action, healthcare systems and organizations committed to learning more and implementing solutions that address the needs of the healthcare workforce 
  • Tier 3 Members will make either an individual or organizational commitment to:
  • Publicly declare their commitment to prioritize the well-being of the healthcare workforce;
  • Acknowledge the role of the organization and individuals in investing in and cultivating an environment where the workforce feels valued and supported; 
  • Clearly define goals to improve the well-being of the workforce; 
  • Contribute to and utilize the tools and resources offered through ALL IN communications

ALL IN: WellBeing First For Healthcare Financial Support

  • The initiative also welcomes the support and contributions of individuals and organizations who would like to make a donation to support the work of the ALL IN: WellBeing First for Healthcare Campaign. 
  • Donations will support the implementation and scaling of successful and sustainable solutions that improve the resilience and well-being of the healthcare workforce. 
  • You can make a secure online donation here.